About the Project

The project is to construct a new dual lane 5-legged roundabout at the intersection of Oxley Highway, New Winton Road and Country Road which will enable access to the planned industrial developments north and south of the intersection. The project also includes a realignment of New Winton Road to provide access to the highway at the new roundabout, allowing the existing intersection to be closed. Once completed, the roundabout will be able to be used by all road worthy vehicles up to a B-triple in size.

The total project cost is $9.543 million with the NSW Government investing $4,056,700 in the project through its Growing Local Economies Program, the Australian Government is contributing $4,532,000 in funding through its Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program and Tamworth Regional Council providing a contribution of $954,300.

Safety Improvements

The roundabout will improve road safety along the Oxley Highway at the two existing T-intersections at New Winton Road and Country Road. This safety improvement is achieved through combining the number of intersections on the Oxley Highway, a safer and more efficient intersection suited to the volume of vehicles that will travel through it once the industrial developments are completed, adequate size to allow use by heavy vehicles up to B-Triple in size, dual lanes to separate turning vehicles from through vehicles.

Realignment of New Winton Road to intersect with the Oxley Highway at the roundabout will eliminate the need for a second intersection with the highway and improves the alignment of the road by eliminating the curves. Dual lanes are provided on the approach to the roundabout to allow for a future increase in the number of freight vehicles, growth in the traffic volumes to the airport and the creation of heavy industry blocks either side of New Winton Road.

Specific safety improvements that the upgrade will deliver include:
  • Timeline item 1

    70% Reduction in fatalities

  • Timeline item 2

    36% Reduction in injuries

  • Timeline item 3

    21% Reduction in vehicle & property damage

Oxley Highway and Country Road Intersection Upgrade

Country Road Roundabout map