About the Strategy

Tamworth's CBD is a hive of activity. People come to work, play, shop and to access professional services, the Tamworth CBD Parking Strategy 2020-2030 provides a long term plan for the management of parking in the region’s commercial heart.

The plan aims:

  • To make the best use of our parking resources
  • To understand and recognise the real cost of parking and provide choices to the users of the CBD
  • To provide appropriate parking infrastructure in response to the needs of a growing community and to support commercial investment within the CBD.

The cornerstone of the plan is a series of recommended actions to be implemented over 10 years to improve the efficiency and availability of parking across the CBD.

All recommendations in this plan are organised into short term, medium and long term actions,and have been developed in consultation with the community.

Right mix of parking

The plan provides a long term plan to guide the management of parking and provide the right mix of parking options for future growth.

Convenient parking

The availability of convenient, safe and appropriately priced parking will support the economic vibrancy and liveability of our city.

Guide future decisions

The plan will guide future decisions about the provision of parking to support commercial investment within the CBD.

Results of CBD Car Parking Survey